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Jasmine tea[Jewels of Flower HANA]/ジャスミンティー・ジュエルオブフラワー花


Jewels of flower HANA/Jasmine tea 







I tasted this bottled jasmine tea at “Ninjya Akasaka”, ninjya-experimental restaurant in Tokyo.
Honestly, after I tasted this jasmine tea, I seriously wonderd that

“what have I tasted ever before?  Is this same tea? jasmine tea like I’ve tasted ?”.

This bottled jasmine tea is completely different level of jasmine tea…….!!!!!!!











The fragrant is so gourgeous, flowerly, fruity,mellow and sweet
but not make you feel “drunk”, subtle and gentle balanced fragrance.

Just simply, “briliant flowerly aroma”. ❤








Close your eyes,
endure your wineglass
(yes, taste by using a wine glass!)

You will forget time goes by and
enjoy the taste/fragrant forever….❤






It’s tooooo wonderful to discribe, beyond my words!!



If you’re a tea-master, tea-lover, you MUST taste this!!!!
This tea will make new biiiig waves into your tea life!!





If you don’t drink tea so much and drink it,
you’ll open a door to be a tea-addict!!








かつて中国の上流階級の人々がお酒や料理と同様に上等の嗜好品としてこよなく愛したジャスミン茶。ロイヤルブルーティーのジャスミン茶『Jewel of Flower HANA』は、最高のジャスミン茶の産地、福建省産の中でも選りすぐりの茶葉を使用。二十四節気のうち、花の咲き乱れる清明節の前に摘んだ、白い産毛の多い新芽でつくる「明前(みんちぇん)茶」に、ジャスミンの生花の香りを何度も丁寧に吸い込ませた茶葉でつくっているお茶です。









お茶を愉しめるお店・バーの一覧はこちら→Royal Blue Tea/experience





Probably you want to know more about this tea and this tea company.
Luckily they have English guidance, check it out!!
English information/Royal Blue Tea


Royal Blue Tea:
Handling Instructions for Bottled Tea

A guide to enjoying Royal Blue Tea
at its finest


Since Royal Blue Tea does not contain any additives or preservatives, the bottle should be stored upright in a refrigerator. After opening, please consume the contents as quickly as possible.


Royal Blue Tea can be carried at room temperature, but should be stored upright in a refrigerator as soon as possible upon reaching your home or other destination.


Royal Blue Tea`s bottled teas are sealed with a glass stopper, not a cork.
We use Vino-Lok glass stoppers manufactured by Alcoa Deutschland.
Unlike corks, Vino-Lok stoppers are resealable. They also eliminate the danger of cork taint.

【How to open the Vino-Lok stopper】

  • 1.Remove the cap seal.
  • 2.The stopper can be easily pulled out by hand. Grip the stopper between your thumb and index finger and pull as though you were lifting the bottle with your thumb. You will hear a snap when the bottle opens.
  • 3.To keep your tea in optimum condition, please reseal the bottle firmly after use. You will hear a click when the stopper is in place. In addition to keeping the bottle refrigerated, please consume the contents as quickly as possible after opening.

④Best Before Date

Please consume before the best before date printed on the rear label.
Example: A best before date of [1st December, 2016] will be displayed as [2016年12月1日].
In the unlikely event of a problem when unsealing your tea (e.g. discoloration), please avoid use, store the bottle in a refrigerator, and contact us citing the product number.


To fully enjoy the colour, taste, and scent of Royal Blue Tea, we recommend drinking it from a wine glass. Please drink straight, without any ice. The recommended drinking temperature is 17C°~18C°. Drinking at room temperature will bring out the tea`s elegant scent.

⑥Aircraft Carry-On Guidance

As Royal Blue Tea is a bottled drink,
you will not be permitted to take it onboard an aircraft as carry-on baggage.
If transporting Royal Blue Tea in your checked baggage, please either wrap it up carefully and store it in your suitcase or consult with the airport ground staff.
When transporting Royal Blue Tea in your checked baggage, please take all necessary steps to avoid breakage.