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白砂糖抜きチャレンジDAY5 white sugar elimination challenge



・natto-fermented soy beans
・salad(iceplant, cabbage, carrot,harusame-springnoodle)
・miso-soup(miso,baby-bamboo, fried tofu)






・green tea
・rice and tuna-powder
・grilled veggies (garlic, cabbage, komatsuna-green leaf, carrot)
・soy-and milk







・quinoa,aamarancus,blackbeans,red beans cooked with rice
・miso soup (same with the breakfast)
・hampen-fish paste-dumpling
・grilled veggies(same with lunch)
・grilled baby-bamboo,carrot, lotus-root




⇒Today’s sugar:: miso (sugar contained!) , hampen-dumpling (must be more than that!)



・Perhaps because it’s becoming warm and before a period, my skin turns a bit sensitive again!


Anyway, looking forward to keeping my eyes on my whole condition including mental condition 🙂