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3.Everything just makes sense. Trip to the galaxy

While we’re dancing in each other, it was so lovable and beautiful.

Like on a boat in the silent quiet ocean, we slightly swing our body.
Body sensation was so different and sooooo fantastic.



When I dance on the floor, my sense of skin and body sensation become so sharp and feel so good and this dance on the sea of him was beyond words.

(Probably maximum of maximum of my sense and sensations)



The sound of my deep breathe
The rhythm of his heartbeat

Everything was so mystic and magical and ecstatic.
The dance with him on this trip was the best I’ve ever had in my life in many ways J









Everything just makes sooo sense!!!!!






Why I went the party, why I took the bus, why I fell into anxiety, why we met, why we watched, why we traveled, why we talked…..
Why we took a trip on this day……






We have traveled throughout the galaxies throughout our lives and our times.
Just a tiny piece of it is the whole huge galaxy and also ourselves.

All of us and the great galaxies are the tiny piece of them.






I and he re-generate many many times and be together
— as if my and his brain melt out to outside, I felt I understood what he’s thinking and he understood what I’m thinking.
We’re connected.
We’re together.
We’re the one.
Probably, actually we can understand and know the person who is in front of us like this.
We’re connected.
Through nerves, auras, qi, electromagnetics or the essences of galaxy.









[Who are you?]

[You know me]

[I know you]


We know that the genes, the cells, the wombs, the galaxies exist before the time was born.
We know that we have the timeless-universe inside of our body—the womb—and the womb calls and makes ALL REALITIES!!!!
In perfect precise timing and place.











So, for what???.





———-To regenerate and re-create new genes, cells, wombs, galaxies, new ourselves.  New Lives. ———–








Somewhere in my head or somewhere in/from myself, I hear voices speaking in Japanese and English, my voice, his voice.
They speak at the same time in different languages but I can understand.





In my head, [Do you really believe that this person can grow the child?] somebody (in me) and somebody (the sauce of life, or the galaxy) and somebody were talking.


And what I felt when I heard the conversation::
Perhaps, to give birth a child with him, everything was designed and happened perfectly precisely.





It must be very rare to be pregnant when a woman is in a period but it’s not 100% NO.





Once I strongly felt [I want this person’s genes] to another man and I became positive to have a child.


Now I was in period, took a trip, making love, all tiny everyday things-what I see, do, talk, hear—are, actually chosen and designed by MYSELF.
Core of core myself, genes and womb.












Before this trip, I thought the future is unknown and unclear but now I feel that the future is already planned precisely perfectly with no mistakes and we are just following the rail. (Or, the future is coming toward us)

And who plans the future is the galaxy, means our genes, our universe, our womb.




Now “I” write this experience but, this conscious “I” is just a tiny tiny tiny conscious drop of “I” of the limitless enormous great”I”.
And the limitless enormous great “I” knows::

History of whole “I”-all regenerations,

History of birth of galaxy til now to the never ending future,

Connection and compassion with other human beings in spiritually, telepathically, physically mentally.   Etc…..

In short, we all already originally know or have all the secrets of lives of human beings and the great universe and we just condense all of them into ourselves.



It’s not that we don’t know but we just don’t have to remember them because we already know and have them.








Ah,,,,Oh,,,,,I’m so so so so glad to see my boyfriend and be with you.

I’m so so so happy that I am me.



By the coast of somewhere in Europe,
In the high mountain of Peru,
In the desert of Arabic peninsula…
We’re the kings, travelers, lovers, siblings and again, we’re lovers.
We’re twins who share one life in 2 bodies.








I do wish that I and he take a trip again together , this beautiful amazing trip to the galaxy .