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2.Everything just makes sense. Trip to the galaxy

So…. Then why we live through the time and place, billions times?
What “to love” means? Why we meet people no matter where and when we are?






~Now, with this clear mind, the answer freaked me out a bit but even though, it makes sense and I feel I’m okay and prepared for the answer no matter how my own life situation right now. Or actually, I’m willing to be a part of the answer ~









Then somebody (voice of the womb or the genes or the galaxy) took me to the galaxy again.  During this trip, we’re making love.






In the beginning, we’re watching Dr.Who and I started to not be able to stop laughing and crying at the same time, the sensitivity becoming so clear, feeling of the characters of tv-show became so real as if I’m inside of them or their feeling is flowing into me or I’m them.




We started to listen [The dark side of the moon] Pink Floyd.
It sounded multi-dimensional, it sounded from behind, forehead, even from inside of me!

When I close my eyes, clolours of lights were coming up, pale pink, purple, ruby-purple, light purple. Blue, yellow blight green etc….
Every single thoughts (or brain storms or whatever I felt) had a color in my head/my galaxy, it was so, so beautiful.




When I opened my eyes and saw him, I realized how beautiful and serene he was like a prince or king of the world (Then “King” by Years and Years repeated) and this feeling made me ultimately happy, lovable and couldn’t stop loving him.
Felt like a fountain of love inside of me never stop to spring the love toward him.









The strange feeling I had when I met him for the first time was, actually SO MAKES SENSE (yes, again and again)! !
I felt like I met a twin. I felt like that.

Looks same,

Feel same,

Character or personality same,

Have experiences same,
Even we’re born different year, place, parents,
I know it’s strange but I couldn’t stop thinking that we’re twins.
We share one same life in 2 bodies.


We meet billions times and fall in love with billions times.
We’re supposed to be like this, were, are, will be.

Love each other, all the time.
We’re king and queen, brother and sister, husband and wife, lovers, friends, twins and now boyfriend and girlfriend again.
(For me, we’re more than just romantic bf-gf relationship, we’re twins spiritually or historically or…. Can’t explain but TWINS)


Ahhhh!!!  How lovely you are, YOU!!
Strangely, he looked not only just very beautiful but also looked so young, fresh, blight (yes he is but so young like he has NO-AGE) like beyond human being.
At least, he still looked like him but he was beyond him.
I won’t forget how he was so beautiful when we’re on a trip.



Oh, and the colors and lights were not only with music and thoughts but also they were dancing and lighting inside him.
It was so beautiful blue light like a flying firefly, so I tried to catch the blue light going back and forth inside him.
I couldn’t catch the blue firefly inside of him, but I enjoyed it so much, it was so beautiful 😉