just something

今感じている不安などメモ・feelings now memo


Will I be really able to re-reunite with my family?
Won’t it just end up with serious argument which create  much deeper crease between me and my family?



・日本に帰って何するのかな。 デンマークに必ず帰る・必ず移住すると決めているといってもどうしたらいいか/どんな手段でかえるのかさっぱり決めてないし、いつになったら本当に移住できるのかな。

What will I do when I go back to Japan?
Even I determine to come back to Denmark, move and live in Denmark , how is it possible?  Of what ways?
When can I really settle down in Denmark and live in Denmark ?


I don’t feel good to go back to Japan because I might feel like a timetraveler who arrive in very different environment and very different people which seem a bit difficult to adjust for me and for them to accept.



・好みのイケメンでいいひとばかりの国から日本に返って、失望して鬱になるんじゃないかな。 やっぱりイケメンがいる国にずっと生きていきたいよー。
I’m sure I might be disappointing of coming back to Japan from a country where full of amazingly good open heart -super hyper good looking beautiful men.
Even I might get depressed about it, good looking guys are my energy sauce…. ><♡
Ah, I want to live in a place where good heart good looking people live~!!



・生きているだけで生きていく/どこにいようと会いたい人・ほしいものごとが集まってくる台風の目になる/生きたい様に生きる⇔大切な人・ことを大切にしていきる、って決めたけど、実際どうやってそうする? ホントに出来る?

Live by just living myself/be an eye of typhoon which gather people and things which I love no matter where I am/ ➡ Live by just living myself ⇔ cherish the most important person and things of my life…. I decided to live like this but how? and Can I really do that?