About me

About me 私について少し


Here are some info about me.
I’d be happy if you and me share something we like or you get a spark from them (*´ω`*)♡

●Zodiac sign:: Aquerias.
Living in the paradox without feeling of being in a paradox
Love art and beauty : drawings, potteries, literature ,nature,flowers and greens, the ocean, beautiful people

●Favorite movies::
I love Wong Kar Wai’s all movies like Fallen Angels, ChungKing Express and 2046 is my best movie! I’ve watched 2046 more than 30 times I guess 🙂

・Samsara (directed by Ron Fricke)
Breath taking mind blowing movie, ever.
It makes me feel that we’re born a beautiful world and live in a big lie on mother Earth.

●Favorite books::

・ Alchemist  ・Le Dame aux Camelias

●Favorite fashion::

Classical, elegant, feminine, tribal, ethnic, dance-able and traditional, yes, Kimono♡

●Favorite beauty::

Very natural and organic products such as rosewater, coconuts oil, argan oil,Himalayan salt etc


・Dancing!! (As I ‘ve trained as a Japanese traditional dancer, I like Japanese traditional dance but also any kind of dances!!  I consider myself as self-trained dancer, besides Japanese traditional dance)
I want to build my body up and improve my dance skills so actually entering dance school or course to learn more about dance, movements, and body and its functions.

・Cooking (Japanese food, usually vegetarian or vegan dishes.
Love for rawfood too)

・T E A !
I’m a heavy tea addict.  When I’m in Europe, I prefer to drink Darjeeling top 1st flush, when I’m in Japan, Chinese jasmine tea and Taiwanese fragrant oolong tea.
Wherever I am, Japanese green tea is by my side everyday 🙂
I’d love to have tea addict friends all over the world to enjoy tea together!

・Reading books, walking in the nature, swimming especially in the sea, acroyoga, cyrwheel etc…


I consider myself that I’m occasional vegan.
and I do love raw food dishes!!
I don’t cook meat, milk, animal products by myself but when I go to eat out, invited the place, I do eat all.
So I’d be happy to share raw,vegan, vegetarian  recipes with you 🙂

●Pieces of future dreams::

・Hold events especially dance, not only professional/semi-professionals but also beginners^^

・Renovate and open share house, air bnb, multi-use studio

・Tea cafe (only high quality tea, no coffee)

・Learning languages:: fluent English, Danish

and also…

・Living in my love,Denmark forever(*´▽`*)! and also traveling all over the world♪
(Would be nice to have another place to live where is completely different from Denmark and Japan such as Caribbean islands or Canary islands or somewhere beautiful ) ……of course with my future hubby (*´з`)(・´з`・)♡♡♡

●keywords :

brain-spark, endless fountain,party myself inside,eccentric, strange, shy, introvert,emotional, bizarre, un-understandable, happy, pure, laid-back, peaceful,caring, thoughtful


Will be edited and added more later 🙂 (⋈◍>◡<◍)。✧♡



天使の涙や恋する惑星など、 王家衛の映画はすべて好きですが、2046は大のお気に入りの愛してやまない映画です。 30回は少なくとも観ています。

・サムサラ (ロン・フリック監督作品)


・ アルケミスト(パウロコエーリョ)  ・椿姫(アレクサンドル・ドゥマ・フィス)




なrたけ自然なものが好きで愛用しています。 ローズウォーター、ココナッツオイル、アルガンオイル、ヒマラヤンローズソルト、クレイなど。


(日本舞踊を習って来ましたが、ダンス全般・ダンスそのものが大好きです‼ 日本舞踊以外のダンスについては、自己鍛錬です)

・料理 (日本食が多いです。自分で作るときはヴィーガン・ヴェジタリアンです。ローフードも大好きです^^)

・T E A お茶 🍵!
深刻な お茶中毒です。 欧州にいるときはトップダージリン1stフラッシュを愛飲し、日本にいるときは中国ジャスミン茶や台湾凍頂烏龍茶を愛飲しています。






・シェアハウスやair bnb,共有多目的スタジオの改装/オープン

・お茶専門店カフェ (コーヒー無し、禁煙席、高品質のお茶を揃えた)



・大好きなデンマークにずっとずっと住むこと(*´▽`*)!と同時に世界中を旅すること (^^♪
(デンマークと日本以外の、全く異なる環境の国と、3か国住む場所があったらとっても素敵よね、カリブ海諸島やカナリア諸島や、美しい国に) ……勿論、将来の素敵な旦那さまと一緒に、ね(*´з`)(・´з`・)♡♡♡

●キーワード :

脳内スパーク, 溢れ出る泉,インナーパーティ,エキセントリック,変わってる、シャイ、内向的、感情/情緒的、理解不能、のんびり、ピュア、思いやり